Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 100 In the NICU

I am 100 days old today!
Miranda, another one of my favorite nurses, came to see me today. She was very nice to come and see me before she had surgery, on the other side of town today.
I still have an IV and they are going to try to get me off this ventilator tomorrow. The Dr keeps cutting back on my medications, so far I have been able to handle it well.
They are going to start giving me more milk with each feeding, so hopefully by the end of the week I can eat a full meal.
I am very puffy right now, Mom thinks I look like a sumo wrestler.
I weigh 3095 grams 6 lbs 13 oz

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 99 In the NICU

One of my favorite nurses, Stacey came to see me today. I am still on the ventilator. They are starting to wean me from it today. They said maybe tomorrow or the next day I can be back to the nasal cannula.
Mom and Stacey attended my care conference today. Mom had lots of good questions according to the Dr. They answered all of them, the over all gist is that I will take as long as I need to and when I am ready I will go home. They are going to try and work on getting me off all these medications, and I started getting milk through the tube in my mouth.
I weigh 3085 grams 6 lbs 13 oz

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 98 In the NICU

Today is starting out rough. They moved my vent settings up, and started antibiotics.
I feel terrible and I hurt. They are giving me stuff for the pain, but I still feel bad. They have decided to do a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. I have one word for that... Ouch
Daddy was going to have a care conference today with the Dr and nurses today, but they canceled on him.
I weigh 6 lbs 6 oz

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 97 In the NICU

Today they have kept me sedated. All I really want is my Binky. But until I get off the ventilator I can't have anything in my mouth.
They are saying I should be able to get off of the ventilator tomorrow or the next day, and hopefully I can start eating with my mouth again.
They are feeding me all my food through the tube in my arm. It is making me very puffy.
They didn't weigh me today because of the surgery yesterday.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 96 In the NICU

Today I had my operation and Mom and Grandma Scarlet spent the day here at the hospital. They had told them that they would be doing the surgery around 9am or but they ended up not starting it till . They put a tube down my throat for the surgery. It’s still there for a little while longer till I can breathe on my own. I really hate it being in my mouth and they have to drug me up pretty good so I don’t pull the tube out. My operation went well. I have two marks on my belly where they tucked my guts back in. Mom also have me circumcised. (Ouch)
The best part of being here at the new hospital is they let me be naked all the time!
I weigh 2855 grams 6 lbs 4 oz
This is me before surgery

This is me after surgery

This is the view from my new room:)

Mom thinks I look like a doll in this bed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 95 In the NICU Moving Day!

Sorry it's so late, I had a busy day.
Happy Thanksgiving Day!
They moved me today and Mom got a lot of great pictures.
I weigh 2815 grams 6 lbs 3 oz

This is my room as I saw it for the last time:(

Stacey was my nurse today :)

Mom said it was cold this morning on her way in.

This is a picture of all the cousins on the Scarlet side. (except me of course)

Stacey loved on me for a while. Look how happy I am.

This was my communication board at IMC

This is the lifeflight team that took me to my new place.

This is my Dad and me chilling before I left.

I am so big I barley fit.

This is Scott he is my speech therapist. He talks to me like a real boy:) Because I am!

This is me in my now bed at the new hospital. Look how happy I am. Stacey's friend Lisa came to see me. She is very nice. I hope she gets a chance to take care of me one of these days.

Good Night!

Day 94 In the NICU

Today I have been my usual miserable self. They said that my hernias are not as reducible as they where before. That's a bad sign and it means I am at an extra high risk of having my intestines incarcerated. (Stuck outside my belly) They have decided to do my surgery on friday morning around 10am. Wish me luck.
I will be moving to a new hospital tomorrow. (Happy Thanksgiving to me)
They did rounds extra late because they had a bunch of new babies last night and this morning.
The storms seem to make them come a little faster.
I had lot's of visitors today and I got a blessing from my Daddy and two uncles.
Mom's cousin had a baby here today! Congrats Kenny and Anne.
They are giving me 2 bottles a day. I am eating about 80% of those. I get tired and can't finish and they end up feeding me the rest through my nose.
I weigh 2800 grams 6lbs 3oz

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 93 In the NICU

Today has been long. My belly has been killing me. My Dr had someone call up to Primary's to see if they could fit me in for surgery. They said they could do it on Friday. If my Dr says yes that is where I will be on Friday.
My physical therapist came in and held me for a long time today it was very nice.
They are going to do thyroid labs tomorrow to make sure my thyroids aren't acting up.
My mom wasn't able to come and visit me tonight because of a horrible storm :(
I weigh 2780grams 6 lbs 2oz

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 92 In the NICU

The head ultrasound came back normal. Yeah!
My mom was unable to feed me tonight, dad came home late from work and mom rushed up to the hospital but she didn't get here till 7:50 pm and I was just finishing up my 8:00 pm bottle:(
Mom called lots today but was unable to talk to anyone. My nurse was too busy I guess.
Overall I have had an OK day my hernias are killing me, but they give me Tylenol when they can.
I hope tomorrow is better:)
I weigh 2685 grams 5 lbs 15 oz