Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 39 In the NICU

Today was a wonderful day Stacey was my nurse and she took very good care of me. The Nurses moved me back up to 2.5 liters on my oxygen because I was having a lot of apnea spells in the past couple of days.
I am up to full feedings again I can now eat 24mL in one sitting.
I weigh 1330 Grams ( 2lbs 15oz) almost to the big "3"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 38 In the NICU

Today has been great.
Mom came to visit and we practiced breast feeding. She is coming in twice a day to practice with me and hold me.
Mom brought my frog (weighted pillow)  back all nice and clean. The nurse said she could tell a big difference in my attitude when it is on me.
I weigh 1280 Grams

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 37 In the NICU

Today was a great day. Mom and Dad came to visit me today.
I am still working back up to my full feedings. The good news is they are feeding me.
I still have an IV they had to put one in my other hand because my arm was getting all puffy.
Mom took my Frog (weighted pillow) home to wash it. I hope she brings it back soon. I really like it.
Stacey came to visit me today even though she didn't get to take care of me today. She is my favorite nurse.
They told Mom and Dad that they have to take a CPR class before they can take me home. I sure hope they can pass.............
I weigh 1280 grams (2 lbs 13 oz)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 36 In the NICU

Things are looking up. I have to be on 2 different antibiotics for a couple of days, my nurse said I look a lot better.
They didn't feed me for a full 24 hours. I told them I was starving and couldn't handle loosing even one pound. They just laughed and said it was for the best. Luckily I didn't loose any weight.
My tummy got a little big for a while, I must have had some gas. But it is small again and I am doing well. Mom came and did my 9:00 am cares.
Mom also came back and held me for an hour at 3:00 pm when they started feeding me again.
I weigh 1230 Grams (2lbs 11.5 oz) and I am 14.5 inches long.

This is me just waiting for food....
This is me getting food. Yum!

Mom made me a new hat today it's great!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 35 In the NICU

It was bound to happen some time. And it did today I am having a bad day :(
This morning I had 4 events in one hour where my heart rate and my oxygen level drop and the nurse has to come in and rub my back to get me to get back to normal.
Because that can be a sign of bad things they drew blood to check to see if I had an infection. (They said it looked questionable) Then they took a urine sample to check for infection, drew more blood and started an IV. They gave me an NG tube in addition to my OG tube to see if my tummy was not venting well and they strapped my mouth shut so my oxygen couldn't go out my mouth. They took my OG tube out after a couple of hours. They also said my Hematocrit level is low and I might need a blood transfusion soon.
They have said I can't eat for a little while till they figure out what is going on so Mom and I didn't practice breast feeding today.
I weigh 1230 Grams (2 lbs 10.5 oz)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 34 In the NICU

Today Mom came to visit later than usual. She came and did my 6pm cares instead of the 9am ones she usually does.
I have a new neighbor and he had lots of Dr's and Nurses for visitors today. He was born yesterday so that is probably why.
I am eating 22 mL of milk for each meal and of course that is still Mommy's milk fortified with powder stuff to help me grow big and fat.
Mom held me for 1/2 hour today.
I weigh 1220 Grams today.

I look mad in this picture... I was just yawning.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 33 In the NICU

Today was wonderful. My sisters Leita and Savannah came to visit me. They both got to listen to my heart with the stethoscope.  Mom came to visit me in the morning and then again when the girls came.
I was able to breast feed for 5 minutes today. My nurse said I did very good. I also got my first real bath today.
I got new leads today the old ones just didn't read as good as they should and at one point they said I was flat lining when really my heart rate was around 180.
I weigh 1210 today that's 2lbs 10.5 oz

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 1 Month Birthday to Me!!

I am one month old today and there has been a lot going on around here.
They cut off my wonderful caffeine fix that I had just started to appreciate.
Mom started the long process of breast feeding. Today was my first day so I didn't try too hard. 
My eye test results came back and everything looks good so far (little immature like the rest of me). They will check my eyes again in a couple of weeks.
Stacey my wonderful nurse has started working on getting me used to the  day night thing. So instead of being in the dark all the time I am now uncovered during the day.  She also got me a new hat, so in some of the pictures I have the white one and some I have my new blue one.
My roomate Jayde, who is three days older than me. Is going home today or tomorrow. He is almost twice as big as me.
Mom was able to hold me for an hour and a half today. She also took a ton of pictures.
I weigh 1180 Grams (2lbs 9.5 oz)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 31 In the NICU

Today my Mom came and held me for over an hour. The Dr decided my oxygen could be turned down to 2 liters. I am still getting daily doses of caffeine, and my feedings have been upped to 22mL every three hours.
The Dr came and checked my eyes today.
I now weigh 1160 Grams (2lbs 9 oz)
This is a picture of me before Mom held me.
If you look close you can see I have a wingee in my hair. Just like dad always gets.
That's my mom. She is great.

This is a picture of me after Mom held me. I am much more relaxed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 30 In the NICU

Today Mom came and helped with my 9:00am cares! She had to change my diaper twice. (Giggle Giggle)
It's nice to have good quality bonding time with her. 
They had a fire drill at the hospital today. I didn't have to evacuate because it was just a drill, but the sirens are loud. My Nurse tried to help me cover my ears so it wasn't too bad. 
I weigh 1130 Grams today. (2 lbs 8 oz)
This is me taking a nap before I got my diaper changed for the second time.
This is me ready for the fire drill and sucking on my binky while I eat.
This is a note that one of my nurses helped my write to let the other nurses know that I want a wound head when I grow up, and my binky when I eat now.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 29 In the NICU

Today they did another ultrasound on my head to check for brain bleeds.  They didn't find anything major, so for now I am focusing on gaining weight. Mommy wasn't able to see me today, she took care of my big sister Breanna today, she wasn't feeling well. I am sure she will make it tomorrow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 28 In the NICU

Today was a good day. Mom and Dad came to visit. Mom said I looked better than I did yesterday. Dad changed my diaper for the first time today.
The nurse said I can start breast feeding this week. 
I weigh 1110 Grams (2 lbs 7 oz)